Our Process

We welcome you to be as involved in the design process as you wish, from beginning to end!


Unlike many builders that give you the basic bare essential estimates, we give you a detailed and realistic cost estimate that includes high-end services, finishes, and materials. We stick as close as possible to this estimate, only changing it to fit our client’s needs. We keep you updated throughout the entire process with monthly budget updates.


Whether you have your own land you’d like to develop or need us to find you a property; we’re here to help you either way.  We will search for the perfect spot for your dream home!


In our initial consultation we will get a feel for what kind of vision you have in mind and the type of styles you love (and don’t love!) and based on the neighborhood, we will give our informed opinion for the best design.

Exterior & Floorplan

You have the option of choosing from one of our award-winning floor plans or we will work together to create a completely custom home tailored to yours and your family’s exact needs.

Interior Selections

Here comes the fun part!  Cabinets, floors, fixtures, you name it; the world is your oyster! You have the opportunity to completely design every aspect of your dream home or leave it up to our amazing design experts to design your home in a way that compliments your style and vision.

Building Process

We work with the city every step of the way on our client’s behalf. Our clients also know that when you work with treehouse Developments, we work with reliable, highly skilled and dedicated trades that always deliver high-end work at a fair price. Continuously price checking to ensure we’re getting the best value. Our site supervisor is responsible for scheduling all of our trades and ensuring timelines stay on track for maximum efficiency all while maintaining safety


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how we can help you.
About Us

Looking to sell your property? We’re always looking for new inner city lots to purchase. Danelle Kaspers, our owner and licensed Realtor®, is here to help.

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